SVDTRANS s.r.o. - a modern international transport company. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of regular and occasional passenger transportation, millions of kilometers traveled and hundreds of thousands of passengers. We serve international bus services between Ukraine and the Czech Republic and cooperate with many European companies by providing transport services.

We always try to be the best in everything we do, constantly learn and develop, taking advantage of the experience of leading transport companies. The dynamics of our development and our achievements are the result of the hard work of our team and the wise leadership of our directors.

We can safely say that we are both fans and professionals of our business.

  • Drivers

    Experienced drivers will ensure your safety on the road.
  • Staff

    Stewards take care of your comfort during the trip.
  • Wi-Fi

    During the trip you can use free Wi-Fi.

From now on you can order services or purchase tickets by bus right away on our site. We did our best to make it convenient and easy for you. Book and buy tickets online for our flights and for flights of our partners, paying off in any currency convenient for you. A copy of the ticket will be sent to your email address, so you can print a ticket at your convenience and at any time.

For regular clients, for students, pensioners and children, we have a system of discounts. We also have special offers for organized groups, we often have promotions. You will find all the news and current promotions on the pages of our site.

Our dispatchers are always happy to provide answers to all your questions: +380987769934 - Dispatcher in Ukraine, +420 775 300 611 - Dispatcher in the Czech Republic

We will be grateful for the feedback on our work and for constructive proposals: please send an e-mail to [email protected]

  • Buses

    Comfortable seats, climate control, light snacks.
  • Dispatchers

    Controlling and specifying routes.
  • Discounts

    Constant discounts for children, students, pensioners.

Our drivers are the best, the most gifted and the most professional. All flights are accompanied by flight attendants, whose mission - to do everything to ensure that your travel was as comfortable as possible. Our buses are modern and comfortable, with large trunks. The salons are large, clean and cozy. Seats are spread out and spread out, a sufficient distance between rows, all seats are equipped with safety locks. Buses are equipped with air conditioning and sockets. There is wi-fi, coffee, tea, water. Toilets work. Audio and video systems work - films are broadcast during the movement. Buses have rugs and pillows. By pre-order, we provide child seats for small passengers.

For organized groups and for individual orders, we arrange transfers and takeovers of passengers to a destination other than the schedules of traffic.

All our buses and passengers are insured by KASKO in one of the world's best insurance companies - UNIQA. Travel with us is convenient and safe!