General information

Dear passengers!

** Due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the company does not return the cost of the purchased ticket. The passenger can contact the dispatcher, who will provide him with a ticket with an open date for six months from the planned date of travel.

To book a ticket on our site, you need to use the Route Finder. Select the departure date, departure station, arrival station and the number of travelers. Choose the place you want to book on the salon map. We draw attention to the fact that on the site there is a typical scheme of 55 local bus salons, so the placement of the place selected after number 24 may vary slightly depending on the specifics of the bus interior, which will operate the flight to a specific date.

After choosing a place, you need to add your personal details: surname, name, choose, in the presence of supporting documents, preferential category, email and specify, if desired, the phone number. In the absence of a phone number, we will not be able to provide you with information about the flight delay or other similar circumstances, if any. By filling out a booking form, you agree to use your personal data.

Booking tickets on our site is free of charge. We draw attention to the fact that the reservation is limited in time, so the ticket is not redeemed in time, it becomes available again before booking.

You can pay a ticket in your currency: Czech crowns, Ukrainian hryvnias or Jewels.

When you make a payment, you will receive an electronic version of the ticket along with the confirmation on the screen. His copy will be sent to the email you specified.

In case of problems or questions, please contact us.